Alphabetical Security Training Courses

Assessment Center – Hiring Practices
Advanced Firearms Training – Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle Sub-gun
Advanced M26 Taser and Air Taser
Advanced Transport Officer Training
Arrest and Control Tactics
Basic Scuba Diving Skills
Building Search Techniques
Cell Extractions
Chemical Agents (O.C.)
Close Quarters Combat
Courtroom Simulations
Critical Incident Management
Crowd Management
Customer Service Skills
Dealing with Hostility
Defensive Tactics Techniques
Dynamic Simulations
Exit Interviews
Expandable Baton
F.A.T.S. (Computer Firearms and Use of Force Simulator)
Field Training and Evaluation
Firearms Training – Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle and Sub-gun
First Line Supervisor
Ground Fighting
Handgun Safety
Handling at Risk Subjects
Harassment & Sexual Harassment
High Risk Liability
High Risk Traffic Stops
Inmate Control
Instructor Development Skills
Leadership Skills
Less Lethal Munitions
Lesson Plan Development
Manual and Mechanical Restraints
Marine Officer Simulations
Martial Arts
Multi-Officer Controls and Take Downs
P-24 Baton
Patrol Procedures
Personal Awareness
Physical Safety
Pre-Employment Screening
Premises Liability
Prism (Computer Firearms and Use of Force Simulator)
Range 2000 (Computer Firearms and Use of Force Simulator)
Rape Prevention
Reducing Liability in Training
Report Writing
Risk Management/Threat Assessment
Scenario-Based Training Development
Security Event Planning
Simulation and FX Marking Cartridge (Simunition) Safety Officer
Straight Baton
Supervision Skills
Tactical Communication
Tactical Folding Knife
Theft and Fraud Prevention
Training Record Management
Transport Officer Techniques
Unknown Risk Traffic Stops
Use of Force
Use of Force Report Writing
Weapons Disarming
Weapons Retention
Workplace Violence

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