Personal Protective Services, Inc. (PPS) was founded in 1993 by Stan Teets.  Stan previously spent 15 years in law enforcement as a Corrections Officer and as a Police Officer in Oregon.  When Stan moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, he decided to expand his interest in law enforcement to the security industry.  With his background in the apprehension of suspects, as well as the detention and rehabilitation of criminals, he felt that he could bring to the industry a broader range of experience and a more comprehensive outlook than was often found in security firms.

PPS began by providing security services to residential communities, including low-income housing developments created under the Oakland and San Francisco Housing Authorities.  From the outset, PPS reduced crime by as much as 80% in the areas that it patrolled.  PPS rapidly expanded its services and expertise to include event security, marine and port security, complex gate and pass control systems, VIP protection, security and surveillance systems, and investigative services.

PPS is committed to maintaining the highest quality of training and professionalism for our entire staff.  More of our annual revenues are dedicated to continuing education of our personnel than is the case with most, if not all, of our competitors.  We also have a strong commitment to community involvement.  We maintain a multi-lingual, ethnically diverse staff and we foster a policy of recruitment from the communities we serve.  PPS functions as a close-knit organization, mentoring and supporting its staff of officers, promoting internally up the ranks to reward outstanding service.

As our name implies, Personal Protective Services brings personalized attention to the security needs of business and industry.  Protection is our business and we know our business.

Protection is our business and we know our business

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