Investigative Services

Personal Protective Services (PPS) has provided expert investigative services to our clients for many years. We have the knowledge and flexibility to balance the use of high-level technology with tried and true investigative techniques. We will prepare and execute a comprehensive, cost-effective investigative plan responsive to your needs that will generate the best results. With both law enforcement and military experience, we are proficient at performing investigations for a wide variety of problems and situations. In the event an investigation extends beyond our immediate area, PPS has developed extensive resources for providing licensed professional investigators throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. PPS also maintains contacts around the world with professionals who have been identified as leaders in the industry.


Our Investigative Services include:

Accident Investigation

  • Personal injury
  • Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, light rail accidents

Background Investigations

  • Personal
  • Employment
  • Corporate entities
  • Asset searches


  • Workers comp
  • Fraud, theft, etc.
Corporate Services

  • Computer fraud
  • Identity theft

Computer Forensics

  • Digital discovery of evidence
  • Recovery of deleted evidence
  • Analysis of evidence

Service of Process

  • Restraining orders and levies
  • Standard, rush, and difficult service
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