Armed/Unarmed Personnel

PPS maintains a staff of highly trained security officers who can provide both armed and unarmed protection. In residential situations, the presence of armed/unarmed guards helps to ward off potential assault on innocent residents. Routine patrols minimize the likelihood of robberies and
break-ins. The high visibility of uniformed officers in itself acts as a deterrent to crime and serves notice that people and properties are protected.

In potentially high-risk situations, such as commercial and waterfront security, we provide officers who are skilled in the use of a variety of weapons. At the same time, our officers are trained to match the level of defense to the level of threat and to use the minimum force required to control situations and secure premises.

We also provide plainclothes officers when the needs of a client warrant a less visible presence. For purposes of scrutiny and surveillance, for VIP and executive protection, plainclothes officers often provide the most effective service.

PPS also maintains a fleet of patrol vehicles that are deployed wherever a situation calls for wider ranging security, for example, event security, VIP protection, and port security.

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